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The Lecture of G’FIVE CEO

   On July 19th , the president and CEO of G’Five—Mr. Jeff had host a whole day training to the department of production, marketing and sales which mainly share the principles of successful brand, and together taken an outlook of future with the enterprise culture of Brother&Partner(BP).
   Looking back of 10 years road of brand, G’Five had met the challenge and success. While the president of G’FIVE Mr.Jeff understand the rules of brand success, all the fact also certify that the brand development road really must follow these rules. The rising up of G’Five brand is not by accident, it has the principles during the development. On this point, Mr. Jeff knows it very well. Meanwhile, in order to reach a consensus with G’Five backbone, Mr. Jeff prefer to share these rules of successful brand promotion in the face of new situation of mobile market development. Hoped everyone united, took efforts to the long-term development of G ’Five brand. 
   After got the enlightenment from Mr. Jeff, all the employees who attended this training have recognized that brand is not just a name, it represents the impression from customers. This is not by one day or one night. The market and brand management must follow these rules, abide by the laws and face the market reflection positive. As a international brand, G’Five need the common efforts of all the staff, G’Five willing to share more knowledge as well, let G’Five and the staff grow up together. Let the future of G’Five become more splendid because of all the people.
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