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Why the device can’t switch on?

  • Press and hold end key until image appears on the display.
  • Check the battery contacts. Remove and insert battery and switch your phone on again.
  • Check the battery charge level.

Why the device can’t connect to network?

  • Move into an area of better coverage.
  • Beyond the network cover area.
  • Contact your service provider if your SIM card is invalid.

How to solve the poor quality of the audio when making calls?

  • Press navigator key to increase the volume when you are in a call.
  • Check the signal strength indicator on the display.
  • The line is busy and can not be connected to network; you can not make a call.

Why the standby time of my device is too short?

  • When failing to connect to network, the phone will keep searching base station that consumes much battery and reduces standby time. Move to an area with stronger signal strength or switch your phone off temporarily.
  • Replace the battery.

Why does my device show SIM card error?

  • Make sure that the chips in SIM card are not damaged; use the clean cloth to scratch it.
  • Make sure that SIM card is inserted correctly.
  • SIM card invalid. Contact your service provider.

Why does my device can not dial calls?

  • Make sure that the number you dialed is available and the dial key has been pressed.
  • Make sure that there is enough money to make a call.
  • Make sure that SIM card is valid.
  • Fixed Dial is set or has call barring feature turned on. Deactivate fixed dial function or call barring.

Why can’t I receive calls?

  • Make sure that your phone has connected to network (Check if the network is too busy or invalid).
  • Make sure that there is enough money to receive the call.
  • Make sure that SIM card is valid.
  • Check call divert settings and incoming call barring settings.

Why the battery isn't charging?

  • Make sure that the battery is inserted correctly. Securely connect the charger to the phone.
  • Only charge the battery in an environment where the temperature does not go below -10℃ or above 55℃.
  • The battery or charge need to be changed.

The reason of some functions can not set.

  • The operation is wrong.
  • The network providers do not support the function, or you don’t apply the function.

How can I make the device run longer on battery?

The power plan for the G’five device is a balance between optimal performance and a long battery life. If you want the device to run longer between charges,
  1.       Set the display to the dimmest level you are comfortable with.
  2.       Set volume at low level.
  3.       Time the sleep mode for inactivity.
  4.       Disconnect all internet connections that are not being used.
  5.       Disable the wireless adapter and Bluetooth adapter if you are not using them.
  6.       Disconnect unnecessary USB devices.
  7.       Stop unnecessary running applications and processes.

Why is the camera invalid after Androids OS upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1?

Due to Google’s modification on camera & gallery, the camera is not an independent APK in Android 4.1. The former camera APK was removed.
Therefore, please remove the invalid shortcut and use the new shortcut to launch camera.

How do I clean the display screen?

To clean the display screen, wipe it with a soft cloth (like the one supplied). Do not spray cleaners, pour any liquid, or wipe any abrasive cleaner on the screen or any surface of the device. Do not use tissues or paper towels to clean the plastic screen, since they contain wood fibers that may scratch the surface.

How can I setup phone settings when the first time I turn on the G’five device?

The first time you turn on the phone, you will see a welcome screen. You can choose a different language or start to set up your phone by touching the android icon and follow the instructions.
A series of screens will lead you through the setup process. You also have the option to skip some steps during the process. 

How can I change the language of device?

Please change language of your phone by accessing into main menu --> “Settings” -->“Language & input” --> “Language” --> choose the language you want.

What is google account? Why use google account?

A Google account helps you to organize and access your personal information from any computer or mobile device. It also helps to sync your personal information between phone device and computer. With a Google Account, you can
1 Backup your contacts and never afraid to lose.
2 Synchronize data and backup everything. when you draft an email, add a contact number, add data or event to your calendar, add work meeting or even take photos, they all will be backed up automatically.
3 Access from anywhere. You can access and check your contacts number, calendar, emails from phone device or computer no matter where you are.
4 Keep your data secure and available.

Why can’t I power on my device with low battery when the phone is being charge?

Your phone can’t power on until the voltage reaches to certain value when the phone is being charged. Please wait for a moment to power on your phone.

Why does my phone screen become when I end a call?

G’five phone has a proximity sensor. With this sensor, the LCD backlight will turn off automatically when the phone closes to your skin and will light on again when the phone is apart. This design can help to save power consumption.
If there is some dirt on proximity sensor lens, the proximity sensor might not work normally and your phone screen might become black and couldn’t response even if you press any key after ending a call. In this case, please clean the surface of proximity sensor lens and re-power on the phone (sometimes you might need to remove the battery first).
It is suggested to keep your proximity sensor lens always clean during your daily using. 

Why does my device work slower than before?

When too many temporary files have been stored in phone memory, it may affect system response. We suggest you install suitable APK from Android Market to clean your database. Please do not install too many applications in system which might affect the operation performance. It is suggested to kill the unused running programs with “Task manager” and uninstall the unnecessary applications.

Why does my device become warm and hot?

The phone will become warm following prolonged calls, game playing, internet surfing or running other complex applications. This heating is a normal consequence of the CPU handling excessive data. Ending above actions will make your phone return to normal temperature.

Why does the screen turn off when I place my phone near my ear?

Your phone features a proximity sensor next to the earpiece.
When your ear or other object is near the proximity sensor, the screen automatically turns off. The screen turns back on when the object near the proximity sensor is removed.
If the screen is still off after you take the phone away from your ear, check if the area around the sensor is being covered by another object.

How do I save battery power?

l   Turn off the screen when your Smartphone is not in use.

l   Set the screen timeout period to a small value.

l   Lower the screen brightness.

l   Use a headset instead of the speaker.

l   Turn off Bluetooth when you do not need to use it.

l   Turn off Wi-Fi when you do not need to use it.

l   Turn off GPS when you do not need to use it.

Why the actual available ROM is less than the advertised ROM?

System data and pre-installed applications take up a certain portion of the storage, and certain space is reserved for application installation and online upgrade

Why does my phone respond slowly?

Too many applications are running. Clear all background applications and try again.

mobile phone WLAN connects successfully, but it usually disconnect automatically. How to deal with

mobile phone WLAN connects successfully, but it usually disconnect  automatically.  How to deal with it ?
1. When your WLAN connect successfully, please keep your phone within the effective distance of WLAN hot spots to 
    avoid disconnecting automatically because of great distance.;
2. Enter the WLAN setting interface,click “left function key”---  advanced--- keep WIFI on during sleep ---always”。

3. If it doesn’t work,please open WLAN again ,restart your phone or restart WLAN hot spots.

Mobile phone open data connection, but it can’t connect to network,how to deal with it ?

1. Ensure your position has enough signal strength and has no strong jamming signal.
2. Please check whether your phone can identify your SIM/UIM card. Different standard mobile phone supports
    different SIM/UIM card. For the details , please consult mobile phone provider.
3. Check whether your SIM/UIM card open network service. If not ,please contact with local network provider to 
    open network service. 
4.please check whether your SIM/UIM card arrears. Because network service provider may stop to service for 
   these SIM/UIM cards which are in arrearage.
5. Please check whether you set mobile phone traffic limit. If yes ,when your mobile phone traffic gets the limit , 
    it won’t connect to network.
6. Restart your mobile phone, open data connection. Wait for 1minite approximately ,then test again.

How to disable camera sound?

  1. Set your mobile phone to mute or vibration mode

How to adjust the size of photos which you take

1. Enter the camera interface, click      to enter “capture” interface. Then click “picture size” to adjust the
    size of picture. As the figures show

How to store the photos and videos which you take in Micro SD card acquiescently?

  1. After inserting Micro SD card, the photos and videos which you take will be stored in Micro SD acquiescently

TP responses slowly or TP doesn’t work, how to deal with it?

1. Please check whether the TP protective film wears seriously, if yes ,change a new TP protective film.
2. If you use too much backup program, it may cause temporary crash so that TP doesn’t work. Please 
    wait a moment or you can clear up some backup program and test again.

Mobile phone screen goes dark when use third party applications, how to deal with it ?

1. Please uninstall the application or backup important data stored in your mobile phone ,then restore
    your phone to factory setting.
2. Close some backup program which you don’t use.

Mobile phone can’t identify micro SD card inserted, how to deal with it ?

1. Please check whether the micro SD card is inserted correctly?
2. Please check whether the micro SD card is compatible with your phone. Because GFIVE mobile phones 
    support 32G micro SD card at most 
3. Please check whether your micro SD card is damaged 
4. Use a piece of clean cloth or rubber rubs the PINS of SD card, then insert the SD card and try again.

Mobile phone shows insufficient memory, how to deal with it?

1. If you insert micro SD card , we advise you move these pictures ,music, video stored in internal memory 
    to micro SD card.
2. Uninstall some applications which you don’t use
3. Clear up the applications cache
4. Clear up the cache and history of browser.1. If you insert micro SD card , we advise you move these 
     pictures ,music, video stored in internal memory to micro SD card.

How to copy the files stored in mobile phone to PC?

1. Connect your phone to PC with USB line, choose “Media device (MTP)”, then you can transfer file between
     mobile phone and PC. As the figure shows


2. If you insert micro SD card, connect your phone to PC with USB line, choose “USB storage”, then you can 
   copy file stored in mobile phone to PC. As the figure shows

Mobile phone can receive message normally, but can’t send message successfully, how to deal with it

1. If your phone is in the place which has no/weak signal , it may send message unsuccessfully. Please 
    move to a place which has strong signal and try again.
2. If it is low battery, you may send message unsuccessfully. Please connect your phone to charge and try again.
3. If network is busy, especially for holidays. you may send message unsuccessfully. Please send message at 
    off-peak hours . 
4. If the format of message is incorrect,you may send message unsuccessfully. Please input correct phone 

The voice is low or mobile phone has noise while calling, how to deal with it ?

1. Please call at the place which has strong signal 
2. Adjust the gesture which you hold phone , and align your ear to receiver. Don’t shield MIC with your finger .
3.when you make a call with earphone ,please use GFIVE standard earphone.
4. Press volume+ key to enhance receiver volume.
5. Restart your phone or backup important data stored in mobile phone and restore your phone to factory setting.

How to move the third party applications which install in internal memory to micro SD card?

1. Enter the setting interface---system setting--apps,as the figure show.

Choose the APPS which you want to move, then move it to micro SD card.(Mark: some system apps can’t be moved)

WLAN connect unsuccessfully , how to deal with it ?

1. Please check the code of WLAN hot spots is correct . Please match case.
2. Please check whether the WLAN hot spots change name or code,and reconnect .
3. please keep your phone within the effective distance of WLAN hot spots to avoid disconnecting 
    automatically because of great distance.
4. Check whether the WLAN hot spots reach maximum connections, if yes ,please try to connect to 
    other WLAN hot spot.
5. Restart your phone or backup important data stored in mobile phone and restore your phone to 
    factory setting.

The network connection usually auto disconnect while using data traffic, how to deal with it ?

1. Please use data traffic at the place which has strong signal.
2. In the setting interface, choose “more”---Wireless&networks---mobile networks---data connection    --CMCC(Mark : please choose the right network according to the network service which local network 
   provider supply) . As the figures show

Which date will be deleted if restore mobile phone to factory setting?

1.restore mobile phone to factory setting will delete personal date,including email account, system setting, 
   application setting and applications which you install.

Mobile phone runs slowly, how to deal with it ?

1. Enter “Do speed booster”---accelerate--accelerate;  As the figures show

2. you can click process manager ,choose the applications which you don’t use to stop running them.

3. Clear up the cache and history of browser. Enter “browser” interface---click left function---setting---
    privacy&security---clear cache&clear history. As the figures show.

Why the actual memory capacity is less than indicated memory capacity ?

1. There are some internal system program/applications or backup program occupy some memory capacity. 
    So the actual memory capacity which you can use is less than indicated. As the figures show

Why can’t we choose the storage location of files arbitrarily?

1. The ROM of Andriod operation system has 3 big partition: operation system memory area, internal 
     memory  area of system, mobile phone memory area. ( some mobile phones support extension SD 
    card ,  that is , external memory)
2. Operation system memory area :  it is used by andriod system, and can’t store data and install applications.
   Internal memory area of system:  it can be used to install applications and store system cache.
   Mobile phone memory area: it can be used to store data and install applications.
   External memory(SD card): it can be used to store data and install applications.
3. To ensure the safety of operation system, the andriod operation is designed that way: the mobile phone 
    memory area and external memory can’t used as installation area at the same time . The andriod system 
   uses mobile   phone memory area as installation area preferentially.

How to operate wireless update(FOTA) with your phone?

1. Firstly , connect your phone to network.
2.Enter the “setting” option---about phone---system update/wireless update ---check for update---
   update(as the figure show)

The phone has no signal, how to solve it ?

1. Firstly , ensure your phone at the network service area and there is no huge obstacle.
2. Ensure the SIM card is inserted correctly

My phone is auto power-off /auto restart, how to deal with it?

 1. Firstly ,check the battery electric quantity and whether the battery connection is normal.
2. Enter the “setting” option---Backup&Reset---Factory data reset---Reset phone(as the figure shows)

Reassembling battery and restarting mobile phone, the clock doesn’t synchronize ,how to deal with i

1. Enter the “setting” option---Date&Time---choose” use network-provided time (as the figure shows)

The battery electric quantity display is incorrect, how to deal with it ?

1.restart your phone or backup your information and restore your phone to factory setting. Please operate
    as the following steps.Enter the “setting” option---Backup&Reset---Factory data reset ---Reset Phone 
    (as the figure shows )

2. Change a new battery. 

The standby time of mobile phone is short, the power consumption is fast . How to deal with them?

1.Clear up the background applications which you don’t use.
   Operation: press the HOME key for over 2 seconds, then swipe from left to right in turn to close 
   applications which you don’t use
2. Shorten the standby time of LCD. When you don’t use mobile phone ,please close the LCD.
3 .reduce the lightness of LCD and turn the volume down. 
   The operation of reducing the lightness of LCD : Settings --- Display --- Brightness (as the figure shows)

4. When you don’t use network,blue tooth,WLAN,or GPS, please close these applications.

How to forbid some third party applications start automatically when you power on your phone?

1. Enter the “setting”, choose APPS, then click the APPS which you want to forbid starting automatically .
    after that ,when you power on your phone next time, it won’t start automatically.

How to clear up the cache and history of browser?

1. Open your browser---settings---privacy&security---Clear cache/Clear history (as the figure show)

How to obtain third party applications

1. Enter “Play store”---input account and code---search the third party applications which you need---download 
    it and install it(as the figure show) .

When I open WLAN, but I can’t search available WLAN, how to deal with it ?

1.Restart the WLAN hot spot ,such as restart wireless router
2. Restart WLAN switch.
3. Restart your mobile phone
4. Please check whether the wireless router sets SSID hidden, if yes , please add network manual. In the WLAN 
    setting interface, click”add other network”.then input the SSID according to tips which LCD shows. For the
    detailed setting method, please refer to the manual of wireless router.

Can not open pictures or video, how to deal with them?

1. Please check the format of picture or video. GFIVE mobile phone supports the following picture 
    format: *.png, *.gif, *.jpg, *.bmp, it also supports the following video format:*.mp3, *.wav,  *.ogg, *.mid, 
   *.amr, *.mp4, *.3gp. If you want to open pictures &video of other format, please download the third party 
    applications which support the format.
2. Your file is broken. Please get the file which is not broken and try again.
3. The copyright of the files is protected. Please get the authority to use the file and try again.

Can I record the position information when taking photos?

1. Click “setting”---location access---access to my location. As the figure show

2. Open camera ---click”setting”      ---choose ‘GPS location info” . As the figure shows

3. According to different model, you can click”details” in the photo view interface to check the location 
    information of picture. As the figure shows

How to view the save path of record?

1. In the main interface, click”sound recorder”---click     to enter the recording file list, then you 
    can check the save path. As the figure show

How to avoid revealing personal information stored in mobile phone?

1. Some third party applications may reveal personal information, you can download some anti-virus 
    program to kill malicious third party applications so that protect your personal information stored in
    your mobile phone well.
2. The opening WLAN hot spot supplied by market,hotel,restaurant & cafe, has potential risk. Please 
     use it carefully.

How to enhance the fluency of playing games?

1. Clear up the background applications which you don’t use
   Operation: press the HOME key for over 2 seconds, then swipe from left to right in turn to close applications
    which you don’t use. As the figure shows

2. The game screen mismatches the screen size of your phone, so your phone will do compatibility 
     processing . The game contains plenty of special effects or need to use special sensor to process 
    data, they all will lower the fluency of playing games.
3. Restart your mobile phone.
4. If all the above method can’t solve your problem, please backup your important information and restore
    your phone to factory setting.

Can the mobile phone with double SIM set different message tone?

1. Setting different message tone is not currently supported
2. If you want to change your message tone, please enter “settings” ---Audio profiles---General---Default
     notification sound , then choose the message tone which you like. As the figure show

How to backup and restore data ?

1. There are many method to backup and restore system data and media data stored in mobile phone. 
    Such as SIM card , Micro SD card, GFIVE C-CLOUD, backup application, PC assistant

How to move the file to micro SD card?

1. Move the files stored in PC to micro SD card: connect your phone to PC with USB line, swipe the
   TP down, Click “USB connected”--- TURN ON USB STORAGE, then you can copy files to micro SD
    card from PC.

 2. Move the file stored in mobile phone to micro SD card. Open “file manage”,as the figure shows

 Click the files which you want to move to micro SD card. As the figure shows

You can choose “copy or cut”, then return to “memory “interface,click “paste”. As the following figures show:

How to set micro SD card as default storage location?

1. Open setting---storage---SD card. As the figure shows:

How to set font size?

1. Open setting---display---font size, choose the font size which you need. As the figure shows:

Mobile phone can’t search all the local music files with included music player, how to deal with it

1. Check whether you set file filtering. If the file is too small, it could be filtered.
2. Restore your phone to factory setting.
     Method 1 : enter setting---backup&reset---restore to factory setting---reset
    Method 2: press the” on/off key& volume- key” at the same time when your phone power off. Then your 
                       mobile phone enter recovery mode, please choose “wipe data”
3. The music format which included music player supports: *.mp3,*.wav, *.ogg, *.mid, *.amr . If your phone
     don’t support the music format, some music files can’t be searched.


How to set live wallpapers?

1. Enter settings --- display ---wallpaper .
     Gallery: you can choose your picture as wallpaper;
     Live wallpapers :you can choose live papers included;
     Video wallpapers;you can choose video as wall papers;
     Wall papers: you can choose pictures included ;


The screen can’t auto--rotate, how to deal with it ?

1. Wipe the TP down, click auto rotation. As the figure shows

How to extend stand-by time?

1. Enter settings---display---sleep, choose the right stand-by time which you need . As the figure shows:

Mobile phone can’t charge after connect phone to PC, how to deal with it ?

1.If you connect your phone to PC at the front USB interface, please reconnect at back USB interface
   of PC.
2. If you connect your phone to notebook, please connect to the USB interface directly.
3. Please use charger to charge.
4. Change a new USB line.

Mobile phone can’t download applications , how to deal with it ?

1. Change another website to download applications.
2. Please ensure the place which you stand has strong signal.
3. Please use anti-virus software to clear up your mobile phone. Because some virus may effect your 
4. please ensure your mobile phone has enough storage capacity , if not , you could not to download
5. Check whether your SD card set write protected, if yes ,please turn write protected off.
6. Try to change other APN: enter setting ---wireless &network ---network ---APN---choose other available
    network .
7. Check whether your enter Google account and the Google account is effective. If yes ,please backup
    your important data and restore to factory setting. Then register a new & effective Google account and 
    try again.

why some phone numbers don’t show number attribution?

1. VOIP(voice of internet phone ) don’t show number attribution.
2. The other party don’t set set show his number attribution.
3. Download software which can check phone number attribution.

Whether GFIVE mobile phone supports shutoff alarm ?

1. Yes . Enter  alarms interface, you can set it . As the figure shows

Whether GFIVE mobile phone supports compiling word, excel, PPT and PDF files?

1. Yes . But you need to download a Microsoft word app or WPS office app. After downloading it , please 
    install it ,then you can use it to compile word, excel, PPT, PDF files. As the figure shows

How to save my favorite website?

1. Open the browser to browser your favorite website; enter the web page option interface; then click
    “save to bookmarks”.You can mark the web page so that you will find it in bookmark bar easily. As
      the figure show:

Next time , when you want to browse the website, open the favorites of navigation bar to enter your 
bookmarks, click your favorite website . As the figure shows :

How to set phone language?

1. Input the language setting code interface directly, the instruction list as shown in the following figure
     (some mobile phone can’t set the language which you need , it is decided by the software )

Whether GFIVE mobile phone supports FM radio?


Can the FM radio search channels automatically? How to set it ?

1. Yes . Insert your earphone; click the icon in the upper right---search. As the figure shows:

How to save the channels which you search automatically in FM radio?

1. When you play the channel which you search ,click the favorites icon.if you want to rename the channel 
    or delete the channel, please press the channel for several seconds. As the figure show:

How can I backup the important data stored in mobile phone , such as “messaging” and “people”

1. GFIVE mobile phone supports backup service.You can backup “people”and “messaging” to micro 
    SD card or SIM card.  Click “people” to enter”setting” ---import/export, choose the storage path.( As
    the figure show)
   You also can download third party application to backup “message” and “people”.