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The speech of G'FIVE president for the ceremony of manufacturing in pakistan

At 8:00PM of April 18th of Beijing time, meanwhile, at 5:00PM of Pakistan time, the president of GFIVE,  Mr.Jeff delivered a speech to Pakistan factory ceremony. Mr.Jeff is very optimistic about the economic development of Pakistan and the great development of communication market in in the future in his speech, and especially the important mission and social responsibility of GFIVE.   The following is the speech of Mr.Jeff:

Ladies and gentlemen, our respectful government officials, our dearest Pakistan agents and Pakistan team.
Good morning!
Today is a special day, Since 2014 GFIVE team made efforts to let GFIVE factory become the world's leading standard manufacturing Plant. Today I am very proud to tell you that our Pakistan team already have 500 staffs, we can make out feature phone and smart phone which are completely meet the high quality standard of Europe and America.

GFIVE one month can sell 4 ~ 5 million smart terminals in the world and the products sales volume is keeping double-digit rate increasing. Our products include smart phones, smart Consumer electronics and wear equipments. Currently, GFIVE market covers Europe, USA, Asia, South America, Africa, which are growing very fast. Therefore, we need more manufacturing centers to support the rapid development to meet the demand of the market all over the world. We need more support from Pakistan government. In the future we plan to invest design, mold manufacturing, PCB SMT in Pakistan. We hope that Pakistan is the Chinese second headquarters. We can do it "Made in Pakistan", and export to the whole world. We hope that Pakistan factory can own more than ten thousand employees, and bring more job opportunities to Pakistan.

Today Pakistan only 30% of users have smart phone, this is a very backward level of most countries in the world. Everyone knows that today China is 90%, Europe is 100%, and USA is 110%, because their most of people have two cell phones. GFIVE wish is above 80% consumers can have smart phones in the next two years. Through investing manufacturing center in Pakistan, on the one hand, to combine the most advanced technology of international communication and Pakistan localization requirements, to make Pakistan customized with the most competitive and cost-effective products, to let more people to use less money to get products, Let Pakistanis easily connect Smartlife in the future; At the same time, we also expected in the next two years hundreds of millions of Pakistanis can proud to use "Made in Pakistan" mobile phone, more people can afford a smart phone; Currently, to buy a feature phone on the market need spend 20 ~ 30 USD, with the same price, people can buy a 3G smart phone soon, because that's what GFIVE brand is trying to do now.
The higher the smart phone popularizing rate, the faster the speed of information transmission, the faster the mobile Internet development, there will be more smart products demands, such as, smart wear equipments, smart home, smart vehicles, etc.. mobile phone is not a simple communication tools, people look forward to connect its dream life with the reality through smart communication in the future.
The mission of GFIVE is to infuse brand-new energy into future. In Pakistan, GFIVE is bringing it into reality and leading this huge change.
Here I can be very proud to share with you a good news, the development speed of Chinese mobile Internet application market has been beyond USA,
so I believe that when smart phone popularizing rate become higher,
Pakistan users can be much more quickly to get information, share the happiness together, and enjoy life; And now I am honored to stand here to communicate with you, which is also the best example for the closely cooperation between China and Pakistan. On April 20, the Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Pakistan, “One Belt And One Road(OBAOR)”and the AIIB on behalf of these two countries open and cooperation to a higher level, which will let Pakistan get a new round of development; In the future will be more investment to increase connectivity like GFIVE, to help Pakistan achieve economic take-off once again. We believe that Pakistan economic development will be faster, more and more people’s life will be better and will get more development opportunities because of smart communication. Pakistan will be much more stronger, Pakistan people's life will be much more better! Inshallah !


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